Welcome back to Birdland

It has been quite a while since pretty pictures graced this blog. Too many things have been happening around us that required some literary blood-letting. So much so, I forgot the simple yet increasingly elusive pleasure afforded by communing with nature…and its inhabitants.

Kampung girl that I am at heart, living in Kuala Lumpur sometimes gets to be too much. It is a view shared by many friends, including Tony who once said he ends up in the jungle pretty often. Me? I am greedy for bird sightings. It’s not easy to see exotic birds these days, so I headed to KL Bird Park.


Strike a pose, there’s nothing to it. This Cattle Egret perched on a tree branch, one-legged. I suppose if you have wings to fly, it doesn’t really hurt to push your luck, gravity-wise.


This is a hawk….ostensibly. I know its not a buzzard. Eagles are bigger. It could be a kite too. I’m no bird expert. HELP! Identify this lovely raptor for me. This one got tired of the shutterbugs’ lenses and flew away to hide among some plants.


This is one hell of a portrait shot of the White Crowned Hornbill. Man…check out the eyelashes. I met this guy at the Malacca Zoo.


A tranquil, ethereally lovely shot of two Greater Flamingoes in the pond…cooling off the effects of the sweltering sun. This pic was captured at the KL Bird Park. These birds are the most widespread members in the flamingo family.


Australian White Ibis  feeling right at home on this leafy tree. Found this at Zoo Negara. As its name suggests, this long-beaked birdie is indigenous to south western Australia. One of the classier looking members of the Ibis family.


And this biggie mouthie is aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa White Pelican. Big fella, can weigh up to 10 kg and is found from Europe to Asia, and Africa. Can cause a racket.

That’s all folks, for now at least. Keep on drooling : )


7 thoughts on “Welcome back to Birdland

  1. Anu,

    great pictures. I dunno what it is about looking at pix of birds… but they make me feel so relaxed…..i feel i could fly fly fly….. or swim swim swim…

    am i making any sense to you, luv?

  2. AR,

    I love photography nature and all that but to photograph birds? That requires a whole different set of skills altogether –and patience of course! Of course it’s different if I was photographing real birds (!)…

    Anyway, nice shots.. was this taken with the old Sony atau dah ada kamera baru?

    Lashes on that White Hornbill is my favorite but the graceful Flamingoes pon I suka… Love the reflections…

    Do check out my Dr. friend in Kuantan brilliant nature photog. Check out http://tembeling.com …You wont be disappointed…

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