Marching Season

It took place today. The march I spoke of in the last posting. I couldn’t make it to Putrajaya. Things came up at the last minute.

But here are updates from Reuters via Yahoo.

Lawyers march in PutrajayaPix from AP


3 thoughts on “Marching Season

  1. Things come up at the last minute. Hic… So much of a revolutionaire you are… I suppose your hair dresser called…

    Sigh guess… this is why malaysian are so apathetic… my boyfriend called.. my mom ask me to fetch my brother..

    Guess life is just too good. huh.. Once in a while the fat lawyers need to get out of their aircond office and walk a few km. Or are they doing it already at the golf courses..

    No discount… thats whats lawyers are good for..! No free market..

  2. no…dear gutless, it was my dad I had to be there for. Dicky heart he has…n can’t allow him to take the bus n go to hospital by himself can I?

    n must tell u. I’m no revolutionary, armchair or otherwise. Just a blogger.

    Must tell u tho…the number of lawyers that turned up was just over 10 % of the total number of Bar registered lawyers, apparently.

    The rest? I dunno…mebbe too busy fleecing others?

  3. Corruption is a global and every where,somehere more and somewhere less, but rarely people discuss where it starts from. When we say the country is corrupt, its the social corrupt factor that needs to be highlighted and reasoned out.
    I feel corruption starts from us as individual, a need to grow faster and richer and getting things done faster than rest in the society compels us to participate and intitiate this corruption from the very place of our existance.
    Yes, goverment can bring out lots of laws and measures to curb this corruption who are finally the ones to implement at ground level?
    Its us the very people to check and report on a majority of such incidents in the society and compel goverment to take severe measure to stop it.

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