Legal Penguin March

The lawyers are up in arms in Malaysia, and frankly, you, you, yes you reading this, and I should be too.

Why? Remember what I said many posts before about how graft and abuse of power and authority had existed in Malaysia for a long time, and what the difference is today.

Well today, they flaunt it, in your face.  Wanna know more? Jeff Ooi has details.

The march is open to public and it is necessary that the authorities be made to know that Malaysians in general, not just its legal fraternity, are pissed with the state of affairs regarding the judiciary.

I mean, something must be seriously wrong with our system if some prick with a semblance of clout could have a say in the appointment of judges. Says a lot about the nation itself.

True, the emasculation of the Malaysia’s judiciary started during the Mahathir era itself, with the de-registeration of Umno and the subsequent witch-hunt (can’t find another term for that fiasco) that resulted in Tun Salleh Abbas and 5 rather brave judges being shown the proverbial exit.

Well, things have gone downhill ever since. The Shock-a-Lingam guy…well, this is not the first time he’s done it, has he?

But let’s not let these people get away with this. Here’s a chance, fellow blog readers, to show that Malaysians care about something more than just Mawi, Tongkat Ali, whether M.Rajoli kahwin dua (or tiga), Pak Lah’s Jamnapari goats, KJ’s I-phone, Samy Vellu’s son’s love triangle of if Chan Kong Choy was really gonna exit from MCA, (but wait a minute, no one cared really about that, anyway).

So, the march is Wednesday, Sept 26, 2007. Visit Rocky’s site for an updated brew

See you there.


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