Looking for Nurin Jazlin Jazimin


Here’s a report from Bernama that sent a spike through my heart. I hope its not Nurin whom they found. But its hard to refute DNA evidence.

Naked Body Stuffed In Sports Bag Is Nurin Jazlin – Police


PETALING JAYA, Sept 20 (Bernama) — Police confirmed the DNA test on the body of a girl found stuffed in a sports bag at a shophouse in Petaling Jaya Utama on Monday is that of Nurin Jazlin Jazimin who was missing since a month ago.

Petaling Jaya OCPD ACP Arjunaidi Mohamed said blood tests on the body and Nurin’s parents confirmed their blood ties.

He said Nurin’s parents were informed of the DNA finding this affernoon.

Nurin Jazlin, 8, a Standard Two pupil of Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan Desa Setapak, was reported missing on Aug 20 after going alone to a night market near her house at Section 1 in Wangsa Maju.

The body of a naked girl, believed to have been sexually abused, was found by a shophouse owner at Jalan PJS 1 on Monday morning.

Rest in Peace, dear child. Your soul is with God now.

ok, I need to go and cry. This is just so bloody senseless.



While Europe is abuzz with Madeleine McCann’s disappearance, we in Malaysia have our own missing girl in Nurin Jazimin. Nurin’s missing person poster greets me at the petrol kiosks, at toll plazas, at malls.


It was impossible to ignore the plight of the family. And Seeing Nurin’s father’s pensive face today in The Star’s front page made me blog about this.I hope this post goes out to somebody who can shed a light into little Nurin’s disappearance.

This little girl had gone to a night market near her house in Kuala Lumpur on Aug 20, 2007 and that was the last the family heard or saw of her.

It is unthinkable why people would abduct, let alone do violence to children, but it has been happening again and again around the world. From our own Ang May Hong in the 80s to the high-profile case of JonBenet Ramsey and Madeleine Mc Cann and now little Nurin, we are treated to rather sick evidence of how evil people can be.

I pray she is found unharmed, and soon. Her dad has started a blog that I found thanks to Rocky. Visit http://www.nurinjazlin.blogspot.com/ More information there.


I’ve included all these pics I can find online of Nurin for easier identification. Anyone with information on this poor child can contact 019-366 7607, 013-248 6651 or IPD Sentul at 03-4042 2222.


12 thoughts on “Looking for Nurin Jazlin Jazimin

  1. I can’t stop crying when I see the news and read about this case. I take comfort in what you wrote, she is with God, and she is now safe in his loving embrace.
    My prayers goes to the family. Their pain is unbearable. Give your pain to God may He heal you. There is no answers as to the ‘whys’ just with all our heart trust God.

  2. my daughter, when you last saw her, was a baby. she’s now nurin’s age. she was following the news too and is very scared of what’s happening out there.

    why isn’t God taking care of her, she asked me.

    i didn’t have any answer to that.

  3. I was deeply affected when i got to know about the Nurlin case. It was such an inhuman thing to do to a little innocent girl like Nurin. There is a possibility of her coming home. only god knows. My heart goes out to her family members. Let’s just pray that the abductors will return her home safely. If that is really the body of Nurin, may her soul rest in peace. The abductors really have to be put to justice.

  4. AR…

    Her parents had earlier “identified” the body in the bag as not Nurin’s.

    But the DNA results had said otherwise.

    This echoed the same reactions a friend’s neighbor in Kerinchi had made, whose daughter, if you remember, a few months ago was the victim of a violent rape and strangulation and the body left in a cheap rumah tumpangan. The arwah was a Kolej Islam student near Gombak, who met a stanger at a pasar malam (!), and was never seen alive since.

    Her father upon being asked to identify her at the mortuary, also denied that it was his daughter. It was only after DNA testing that he felt “forced” to accept that naked and battered creature was his daughter.

    This is the real tragedy, the horror, AR. When the rational mind refuses to accept the truth…

    This is makes me sadder still. Can you imagine how Nurin’s “soul” felt when her father denied that it was her in that morgue? Sometimes better to believe that her blessed soul had already gone on to Heaven and not suffer further indignities….

    As a parent, I feel sorry for parents who lost children in a violent way. Let’s pray for God’s protection that our own families will be spared such tragedy…

  5. Thanx ppl fro visiting n sharing. Some of you have kids and can imagine the sheer terror that must gripped Nurin’s parents during this ordeal.

    Me? My stomach just “kecut” and I went numb for a day. I have a niece who’s 7. She’s my only niece. Day and night i worry now.

    At the rate this kinda violence is happening in this country, I think it is only pragmatic if I decide not to have a kid in this life. I don’t think I have it in me to survive the death of a child, that too in this cruel manner.

    The one consolation is, Nurin is in Paradise now….

  6. oh my god… may she rests in peace. I cant imagine how painfull for kid her age being treated that way let alone how afraid she was being kidnapped by a freak..alone for 30days oh my..in this ramadan month let us pray that the freak be caught.I cant imagine how the parents feel… may Allah help you to go through this..

  7. This morning I read about Dear Nurin again, tried not to but I finally did. And my heart goes out again to her, remembering her like she’s my own daughter, wish I could put my hands around her forever just to console her. But she’s gone now, I believe to Allah’s Knowlegde it is the best for her. And she probably has never been happier, I pray that the pain, sadness and cries for help before are completely erased from her memory, only Allah knows, and we will know when the Day of Judgement comes. To her parents, we are with you praying for her justice. To all Malaysians, never forget Nurin whenever you come across any helpless child in the street.

    I’ve posted the above message in other blogs as well, with the hope for all Malaysians to love and protect every child in the world, like his/her own. What happened to the one who saw she being dragged into that white van, what was your instant reaction?

  8. Galadriel, please use that grief to get something positive out of this senseless murder. I felt the same way and felt to useless until I read about the AMBER Alert. I am trying to draw attention to the Nurin Alert suggested by bloggers Nuraina Samad and Princess Journals. This might be a good to prevent future Nurins. I did some research which I posted on my blog http://www.tembam.wordpress.com Do give it a thought!

  9. Hoi binatang!!!ko sabar jelah aku akan cari…… ko sampai ke lubang cacing……………………..selepas itu aku nak lenyet ko sampai jadi CEKODOK.FAHAMMMMM!!!!!!berani ko buat perkara sekejam itu terhadap seorang budak bernama Nurin Jazlin Jazimin…aku kejar ko skrg…..

  10. I agree with tembam here. we have to channel our anger and grief to ensure there are no future violence towards children.

    I feel the same way miera. Lotsa ppl do. Now let’s be proactive about this. Maybe we can make some changes in our society.

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