Gimme FIVE!

Aaaargh…another Tag! I’m to tell you readers five things about me…like you’d be interested. Anyway, in the interest of friendship (I adore Nuraina) I have to do this.


5 things in my handbag/bag :

cellphone, flash card reader, house keys, hairbrush, lipstick

5 things in my purse :

cash, ID, driver’s licence, ATM cards, pictures

5 favourite things in my favourite room (my bedroom):

Salman Rushdie’s Haroun and the Sea of Stories

 my 11 year old teddy bear called Abubear

my camera

a bottle of Hadrien’s Nights by Annick Goutal,

my box of grooming stuff.

5 things I would like/love to do :

Buy Mom and Dad a new house Visit 5 places; Tierra Del Fuego, St Basil’s Cathedral, Jerusalem, Ngoro Ngoro National Park, Galapagos.

To learn song mixing and sound engineering. Learn French.

Get onboard an aircraft carrier. Woooo Hoooooooo!
5 things I’m currently doing :

blogging more regularly

networking with ad types

racking my brains for portfolio-worthy ideas

eating my way into Miss Michelin status

trying to get over a heartbreak.

Now I have to find 5 other vics. *Sigh* Here goes.
I hereby do solemnly tag these chicks, drum roll please….

Jellywelly, Avalon, Aishah, Acciacatura and Daphne.

 Heheh! sorry ladies.



7 thoughts on “Gimme FIVE!

  1. “5 things I would like/love to do : … Learn French”

    Why French esp, Galadriel?

    I think it’s a neat choice but I’m always curious about people’s pick of other languages to learn. Nuraina listed Arabic and I meant to ask why her also…

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