My Name is Felix and I’m coming your way

Innocuous name for a hurricane that may be hitting the Central American state of Belize by Wednesday, after skirting Honduras, says an AP report.

This is a US Naval Research Laboratory satellite image of the superstorm, already a Category 5.


This is the second hurricane in the Atlantic this season after Hurricane Dean last month. On the Pacific theatre, there was Typhoon Sepat/Egay  that claimed lives in China.

Now, there has been a highly visible surge in the number of hurricanes, cyclones and typhoons in the last few years that makes me quite alarmed.

Al Gore and gang says it may be related to global warming, and the science people support this theory. Read more about global warming’s byproducts here.

What we as a people can do? Change our ways, and pressure our authorities to do so. Changing mindsets is akin to a long march, but we have to start somewhere.

Stephen Leahy has some compelling details that beg you to reconsider the tag “natural disaster” when it comes to storms like this. It could very well be a man-made one.


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