Hell Comes via High Water


God has promised an interesting Hurricane season this year. Hold on to your seats and read on.


Reading of climate and weather reports lately, I surmised that hell would come in the form of high water. Don’t believe me? Well, check this out. The Atlantic Hurricane season has started in earnest, and let’s watch the mayhem shall we?

dean-2007.jpg That’s Hurricane Dean, a category 5 superstorm that ravaged Jamaica on August 20 and then rampaged through the Carribeans to now lash the Mexican coast.

jamaica.jpg Reuterspic

This was a scene in Kingston, Jamaica after Hurricane Dean left.

Ok. Let’s come closer to our part of the world. Here’s what’s happening/happened in the Pacific.

248d.jpg This is Ikan Sepat (Spotted Gouramy). Malaysians like to eat it as salted fish.

sepat.jpg This, dear readers is Typhoon Sepat that menaced the Phillipines, Taiwan and China up to last week. It also let loose a tornado and killed 36 people in China.

In the United States, rain and thunderstorms over the past few days have swollen rivers in several Midwest states resulting in a flood. Eight people have died so far, according to Reuters.

 That’s just three examples. There’s a report here that links man-induced global warming to the increase in Tropical storms. Read this overview on global warming and places around the world that are at risk due to rising tides.

And what does all this matter to us in Malaysia? We are often shielded from the worst ravages of storms. But we do have floods. I’m not talking about the flash floods of Kuala Lumpur and the other major towns. That’s a drainage problem that those imbeciles in authority don’t have the will to correct.

I’m talking about the floods that devastated Johor last year. We could get a repeat, you know. Are we ready?

Or are we readying ourselves to MATI KATAK? dead_frog.jpg


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