Celebrating Bodohness

Bodohness. This word is a quintessentially Malaysian mix of English that means Stupid. The word doesn’t exist on its own though, except in my own Lexicon of Spoken Manglish.

Now who said one has to revile stupidity? I say we celebrate it, in a grand style, just like we Malaysians celebrate everything else. We reward mediocrity, we hail our defeats, we pass the buck, we sit down and do nothing when TPTB takes away our rights and privileges, we sit down and do nothing when our brethren is persecuted.

We conveniently become bodoh when an enlightened prince states that people with shady past should not be allowed to take office.

We prefer to have a band of shady men and women in important places in the government and when they retire, reward these various shades of greed and notoriety with company directorships for their “loyal” service.

The Raja Muda of Perak, whom I would be more than glad to have as a Prime Minister of Malaysia (apparently I’m not alone in thinking this) also made some pertinent observations in The Star. (taken from the same article above)

Raja Nazrin said corruption was mankind’s most deadly social disease as it could undermine good governance, weaken institutional foundations, distort public policies, compromise the rule of law and constrain the economy. 

He said corruption curbed competitiveness to the detriment of economic and social developments, would lead to tremendous misallocation of resources and make cost of doing business to become unacceptably high. 

“Corruption exists because of man’s enduring desire for personal gains. Once corruption becomes widespread, it will no longer seem immoral and unlawful, just business as usual,” he added.  

I digress a little. You know, I had a jolt when I read recently of China punishing its errant officials with death. But I suppose fear is the most effective of motivators, with the exception of love, that is, and little else matters. Conscience doesn’t exist.

The concept of Malu (shame) doesn’t seem to exist among our politicians these days, I must say. A man with a past so gleefully pursues his “righteous” indignation with a blogger, conveniently forgetting that as a black pot, he has no business calling the kettle black.

The Attorney General’s Chambers doesn’t feel it is accountable to the public, and neither does the entire cabinet….or for that matter, the civil service.

Yeah, we bloggers are really pain-in-the-ass, opinionated MFs who cannot keep quiet, keep sniping and bitching. But Cui Bono? As Mr Veera Pandiyan eloquently asked today from his perch Along The Watchtower.

For the benefit of Malaysia laaa kawan. Why? We can’t love our Tanah Tumpah Darah ah?


3 thoughts on “Celebrating Bodohness

  1. Hai Galadrial, I got here from Mat Salo swamp barge.

    Bodoh or goblok are now easily used upon those who have different school of thoughts from the main stream leaders. Worst still they thought you are bodoh that why they can rob you under your nose …. for the stupid and noisy give them some candy …. quiet they will be or send the bogeyman !!!!

    But then the real smart person will not want to ruin their life by misusing powers, corruptions or raping the nature. Who is actually making a fool of him self …. must be the “badut” that forever acting !!!!

    Like what the Prince said, they don’t need the Integrity Institute to create Tun Dr Ismail back in the 70’s.

  2. Hi, Galadrial,

    I do agree with the Raja Muda on his prescription of the credentials politicians need to have before they can be allowed to take on public offices.Anyway, who are going to do the policing ? It’s just like a fish, when the head stings the rest of the body will too. It is common knowledge that most of them have only one objective in mind when they joined politics, instant wealth.It’s deeply entrenched and will take time to demolish.

    Corruption has become a culture here. Those who indulged in it has no fear of ignominy.I know of one big case still in court and the person shamelessly throw a big wedding party for the daughter in a major hotel and apparently well attended too. That speaks volumes of the Malaysian pscyhe toward corruption.

    I would say even the NEP is a form of legalised corruption. It has lost it noble objective and is now used as a gravy train by those in power to enrich themselves and to reward their cronies and supporters.The quick and massive wealth they acquire is without the pain and hardwork of what most real and successful entrepreneurs had to go through.

    If the Raja Muda is what he portays, than he should forget about the throne and do a service to this nation. Get involved.

  3. Welcome jaflam,

    sad but true abt the state of affairs in Malaysia. But then again, the more enlightened among us Malaysians may not even vote, and even if they do, there is not enough yet to make a statement.

    I just wish that this information revolution would reach the Malaysian masses.

    Hantu Laut,

    I agree with you. Now how do we get His Royal Highness to come into kancah politik. It will be a different ballgame, though the likes of me would gladly support someone who speaks of integrity when he doesn’t have to, and demonstrates it too in his way of life.

    Raja Nazrin for PM, what say u?

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