Umno going after RPK?


Raja Petra Kamarudin or RPK has issued a sizzling salvo against the ex-Menteri Besar of Selangor who lodged a police report against him early this week.

The vituperative comeback by the usually placid RPK gets me thinking, this man must be really riled at the cheek of this ex-MB who has been in cold storage for sometime even in the Mahathir administration, because of his disgraceful antics in Australia.

My brother called me this morning half hysterical with laughter, with an urgent injunction that I should read RPK’s comeback. I’m glad I did. The facts in his statement I’m familiar with. But the way he wrote them, vintage.

Moral(s) of the story.

1. Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones at others, not even when the election is near.

2. Do not mess with Bugis people…. : )

Way to go RPK!


A police report has apparently been lodged against Raja Petra Kamarudin of Malaysia Today by…of all people Mat Taib, on behalf of Umno. Reason, for publishing articles insulting Islam.

For quite a few years I have been following the oft-sensational, always entertaining blog/website of Raja Petra Kamarudin. Finally this year I got to meet this obviously intelligent and eloquent writer and speaker.

I asked him, “You know, many of your stories are entertaining and have an unbelievable level of detail. Cool, but how much of them are true?”

He had a compelling answer to that question. I can’t print that here unfortunately, cos I do not reprint other people’s conversation without permission(call it ethics, respect wotever) , but I must say I left the place with the thought, now that’s a thinking man. Deliciously Macchiavelian coversationalist I must say, but I think the likes of Raja Petra does more good for independent writing and thought in Malaysia than harm.

I’ve a feeling I know what article(s) are being referred to, but then the timing of this is rather questionable. Doesn’t people in Umno read? Don’t they surf anything other than  This whole police report thing smacks of another round of intimidation series aimed at subduing bloggers and vocal Malaysian Netizens.

Sheih and Mat Salo said this before. Dekat dekat nak Election ni mulalah…

Intimidation of any individuals and organisations who are contrarians….rife these days. Nathaniel Tan is still on police bail people. Now RPK. I’m sure he will not cower. Here’s a man who’s not a stranger to either controversy or imprisonment.

But the bigger question is, are we Malaysians going to sit by and just accept the words of TPTB (the powers that be), without examining it critically? Are we all gonna sit by while one by one, critical Malaysians are leaned on, intimidated, jailed and otherwise shut up?

If we do, this 50 years of Merdeka is just bull. What the hell is Merdeka if there is no independence of thought and expression in Malaysia?


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