Stop eating turtle eggs…you pricks!!


 Pix from Marine Conservation Society UK.

Yeah, you. I know either you or your mother-in-law or her mah jong clique, must have had turtle eggs for “health” reasons. No? Your neighbour on his trip to Terengganu or Kelantan recently?

 Wake up and realise this truth. When we hasten the extinction of animal and plant species around us, we as the dominant species pave the way for our own annihilation.

There are simple ways to help boost the rapidly dwindling leatherback turtle population in Western Pacific and that includes Malaysian waters. But this includes making sure we don’t fuel demand for exotic food that fuels demand, that in turn encourage peaching of turtles and their eggs.

Experts are meeting in Terengganu this week to chart ways to restore the turtle population to their 1980 numbers, said biologist Peter Dutton.

Read the Reuters report.


8 thoughts on “Stop eating turtle eggs…you pricks!!

  1. Aiyoo Sis… you called me a prick ka? 😉 Damn right, Sis, eons ago telor penyu was my favorite dish. And then in the late 80s and early 90s I started to hang around Rantau Panjang where I met conservationists and then discovered that we ate them to extinction. Now the turtle-watching Rantau Panjang is a ghost town…

    Gahmen need to be serious and make laws to prosecute as per biologists’ recommendation… and hope the turtles’ population will bounce back…

  2. i was made to try turtle egg once. i nearly puked. i kept thinking of the baby turtles struggling to reach the sea from the beach and imagine them inside me.


  3. u deserved that moniker MS…grrr. It will take a genaration before there are results, but yes, we have to begin now.

    FA, et tu? U were made to? Cruel n unusual punishment i must say : (

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