What now Malaysia?

Nathaniel Tan was released on police bail, on Tuesday Jul 17. Those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, read the previous posting.

He had a long posting on his four-day ordeal, and I must say the articulate young man had plenty to say and said it vividly. Read more here. I’d like to reproduce some choice bits here, very disturbing bits.

Throughout my detention, the police employed various questioning strategies in what struck me strongly as a concerted attempt to make me admit to things that I had not done.

The police also subjected me to various rounds of questioning between about 5.30pm and 9pm by different police officers who all kept asking me the same questions. I later learnt that questioning at such late hours was in fact illegal.

One of the officers questioning me that evening who refused to identify himself threatened to slap me and throw me across the room.

Nice, people. Very nice. Welcome to Malaysia, where the police make headlines for all the wrong reasons. More choice stuff below.

The situation worsened on Saturday, the 14th of July.

Despite my repeated appeals to the police officers accompanying me to court to be produced before the magistrate for the remand hearing, they absolutely refused to notify my family or, more importantly, my lawyers that I was to be produced in court.

The instrument of law and order in Malaysia is very good at doing everything opposite. Whack people (I mean this in the American sense), intimidate people, basically being thugs in uniform.

Sometimes they are creative too. They can make you disappear for good. You know, erase immigration records….blow you to smithereens.

Sorry about what happened to you Nat. Shouldn’t have. Not on such flimsy evidence. And that picking you up on a Friday evening and THEN only going for a remand order the next day, that’s just fucked up.


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