Not much fun following orders in Malaysia

My bedtime musing last night resulted in that title. Certainly can’t be much fun being in the uniformed services, especially in this country.

These people especially the cops and the military guys, are drilled on following orders to the letter, chain of command, order, obedience, discipline bla bla bla, bla bla bla…

But here following orders seems to get people into difficulties and in some cases, kill them too. Consider that needless Nuri mishap off Genting Sempah. Who gained anything from that, except the newspapers and TV people who get to put 6 dead people in a copter crash on their front pages. Sensationalism, drama…15 minutes of Oh My God, Kesian….

Thirteen crashes, (that’s 13 for the confused) and still they don’t get it that those Nuris are not air-worthy anymore. It took some feathers flying at the Defence Ministry before the Cabinet “sagely” decides to phase it out.

And that, mind you, is THREE years from now. I wonder, Uncle Najib Razak, when did you last fly in the Nuri? Have you ever? Would you, in the next three years?

What about all those who died, who knew the Nuris weren’t safe, but didn’t have a choice, cos in the Army…you did your job and followed orders…

Needless deaths in apathetic Malaysia….


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