Lies, Websites and the Official Secrets Act…and of course Money

The Malay Male says this is ostensibly the reason why the esteemed Deputy Internal Security Minister started foaming at the mouth and instructed the super efficient Special Branch of the Royal Malaysian Police to investigate (read, Intimidate) little Harvard-returned Nathaniel Tan.

If the Freewebs site contains lies that slander you, sue them for God’s sake. If it doesn’t, how should it hurt you, Jo? Your people have pledged you support, the Anti Corruption Agency has cleared you, so theoretically you should be smelling like the vindicated stalk of rose you are. So why does this whole thing reek of big brother-like fear-inducing tactics. How does this undermine national security tell me?

That boy Nat is small. Rather frail. Pukul sekali sure pengsan one. But why pick him? How do you link him with the site? And if it is lies as you said Jo, then why is the Official Secrets Act invoked here? Secret truth or Secret lies? I would like the UTK to conduct a sweep of their armoury to ensure the guns are all accounted for and the 10 silencers are not missing.

Nat for now, is a guest of the “gahmen”, until Tuesday that is. Remind me to ask him if lock up fare is edible. Sabry Shariff, formerly a crime editor at NST, would have been able to enlighten you guys how it feels to be a gahmen guest under OSA.

By the way, anyone reading  this are welcome to a…


SUNDAY , 8pm, 15.7.2007

Everyone welcome. Me just passing the word around.

 By the way, 5 million ringgit is not difficult to hide in Malaysia. I think an asset declaration exercise by all the Ministers and Deputies would make for good reading. What they don’t declare we can always ask CTOS, whadaya think? Ooops! Sorry, the esteemed Mr Kayveas already fixed them…heheh! 

Also, dear old Polytikus has provided a glimpse into Sec 8 of the OSA (under Nat Tan is being held). I still can’t make sense of it though. Harris! Help!

4 thoughts on “Lies, Websites and the Official Secrets Act…and of course Money

  1. Apa nak jadi negara tercinta kita nih?

    Arr tengok? Sheih kan betol. Normally a prelude to GE is the “harrasment” and intimidation to oppo members, or members seen to be associated with the oppos.

    Grabbing Nat is like spraying the room with Uzzi machine guns just to kill a few nyamoks…

    But the message is there: DUN MESS WID DE GAHMEN.

    Let’s see if we can do something at the ballot-box. Even if we don’t succeed, we want to send them a “message” too.

  2. yeah Mat Salo…i’m pretty mad abt the state of things. Wonder if they still persist in that archaic thinking.

    remember corazon aquino and philippines in the mid-80s? Give people a good enuff reason and they will rise.

    thanks also MS. I went to Malik’s site.

  3. I am interested to get in touch with Sabry Shariff to understand more on what made him want to reveal the truth about government’s irregularities. In the end, if we are to want journalists who are willing to pay the price to live up to journalism ideals, we need to learn about them.

    It is interesting to note that such peopel are not dead, maybe forgotten. Malaysia, after all, is not absent of people who still have ideals and the desire to report the truth. But is the current generation being taught about them?

    Please let me know.

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