How could you hurt a child?

Another day I wished I didn’t read the papers. But that is living in denial. But really, how do you make sense of something like this? This appeared in The Star.

PENANG: Four-year-old Shearwey Ooi Ying Ying is dead, three days after she was reported missing.  

She is believed to have been murdered and her bone fragments strewn in at least four different places – a cemetery, river and an apartment dumpsite in Paya Terubong and another river in Jalan Air Itam. 

Penang CPO Deputy Commissioner Datuk Koh Hong Sun said a woman and her boyfriend were arrested at the Bayan Lepas police station at 1pm yesterday in connection with the little girl’s death. 

The murder allegedly took place in the couple’s rented apartment in Bandar Baru Air Itam on Friday, the day the girl was reported missing by her mother Jess Teh.

 The people who did this may have all kinds of justifications (my mother dropped me when I was a kid), but for once, I think I have found a moral reason to use C4. Blow these fuckers to bits. What kind of beasts could  do this to a child?

I can’t imagine the anguish her mother is going through now. I am frightened beyond belief at the thought of bearing a child in a world where there are people who don’t think twice about brutally murdering kids. What is happening in this country that people murder each other with impunity? Life is so cheap? What do we as a society do? It could be your child next…

For the dead child, I pray she rests in peace, for surely she’s in heaven now.

When will the icicle melt,
And when
When will the picture show end
I should not have read the paper today
Cause a child, child he was taken away
Theres a place for the baby that died
And theres a time for the mother who cried
And she will hold him in her arms sometime
Cause nine months is too long

How could you hurt a child
Now does this make you satisfied
I dont know whats
Happening to people today
When a child, he was taken away

Song by The Cranberries…Title” The Icicle Melts


2 thoughts on “How could you hurt a child?

  1. AR,

    Been following to this story for the past few days. So sad, andso cruel for the perpertrators…

    It took us fifteen long years of trying before we were blessed with a daughter…

    These people – despicable!

    Hope they bring them to book.

    The ONLY consolation is she’s up there amongst God’s chosen ones…

  2. Dear Mat Salo,

    what is sadder n crueller is that the mom has been arrested for investigations. There has to be something seriously wrong with society when a mom can hurt her own child.

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