The things women do to land a hunk. This hilarious piece in The Star today takes the cake. Read on.

KUALA TERENGGANU: A man, who reportedly looked like a Bollywood actor, walked into a food court for a teh tarik and triggered a brawl among three women that left one woman scalded and another woman’s T-shirt ripped open. 

Several chairs and tables were damaged during the fight among the women at the outlet in Merega Beris in Kijal, Kemaman on Saturday. 

The shocked man fled the scene. 

It all began when the man walked in alone. Two women at two separate stalls immediately tried to get his attention and lure him over to their stalls. 

When he stopped to speak with one of the women, her competitor, 21, became so incensed that she marched over to the woman, tore her T-shirt and accused her of being gatal and dressing seductively. 

The other woman, 22, immediately grabbed a pan and splashed her attacker with hot water, scalding her.  

The scalded woman’s mother, 46, rushed to her daughter’s aid, hurling chairs at her assailant, damaging tables and alarming the other customers, said state Deputy CID Chief Supt Khairi Ahrasa yesterday. 

He said the scalded woman was now warded at the Kemaman Hospital.  



One thought on “Meowwwwww…grrrr!

  1. Itu laa, apakenama? ‘Hell hath no fury for a woman scorned?” said my nenek…

    I know that joint really well. For more than 10 years my second home was in Kemaman, and I often makan at those stalls… It’s actually in Kijal, in a row of shophouses not far from the Awana Kijal resort..

    Never met any Bollywood actor-lookalike there though.. But I remembered being advised to stay away from the local women. I can see why… hahaa.

    P.S. Kelakar laa T-shirt tu. I see you got a fixation on T-Shirts! Or slogans, rather – hahaha! 🙂

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