Melaka Oh Melaka!

Saturday morning tea at Zul’s cafe downstairs. The guy was reading the papers and I was reading mine. He looked up and said, “Melaka is famous for the wrong thing now.”

Eh? I was lost. “Alaa…you don’t know ah, the new virus is called Melaka Virus?” he said. Riiiiight. So we started talking all things Melaka, Zoo Melaka, Sultan Melaka, gula Melaka, Batang Melaka…..

Orang Melaka tak bising ke?” I asked. Kalau diorang ada otak, sure complain tu. Today I read this….and sniggered. Then I read this and I thought….Wow! Baik punya cable Ali Rustam ni, virus name also can change.

Now I protest. If the people of Sungai Nipah in Port Dickson then complained, would you Mr Chua Soi Lek, have changed the name of the Nipah Virus? But I know your answer already. “That time I wasn’t the Health Minister.”


2 thoughts on “Melaka Oh Melaka!

  1. Hi, nice post 🙂

    I visited Melaka last December and it certainly changed my view point after visiting this historical city of Malaysia .. Melaka is really amazing .. I love the red buildings .. there is alot to explore in Melaka ..

    I put up some information on my blog after my visit which you can found on my Melaka Travel Blog.

    Please visit and have some comments .. Hopefully I will visit Melaka again 🙂

    cheers …

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