T-Shirts Anyone?

Developing events seem to have triggered a demand for custom-made t-shirts with slogans. Not just slogans but slogans with attitude.

What am I but a slave to trend. I decided there must be something to it all, otherwise how would the intrepid t-shirt sellers in Bangsar Village make decent money hawking t-shirts with kick-ass appeal, like SAMSING on a Samsung logo, Highly Sinister Banking Corporation for HSBC and the like.

Been thinking about a certain theme though, just to make those t-shirts with current appeal. TV Smith’s Uncle Ho might even like this idea, after the spectacular failure of his pirate DVD venture.

Some Slogan Suggestions:

1) Cobra Sultan. (Picture on t-shirt front shows a Ophiophagus hannah with a royal yellow Tanjak on its head)

2) Berkahwin dengan Jin.

3) Razak Baginda’s News Vendor…..and Proud of It

4) Razak Baginda’s Friendly Neighbourhood Security Guy.

5) PDRM’s Official C4 Supplier…..(t-shirt back reads…Semtex and other RDX based explosive also available)

6) Damansara Dark History Neighbourhood Tour Guide

7)  I went to Buddha Bar with Altantuya

8)  Last Parisian Escapade with a Mongolian Model

9) Private Investigator Services (t-shirt back copy reads Intimidation and Extortion service also available)

10) I played badminton with with a trial judge

11) I went for a holiday with the Chief Justice (y’all think anyone remembers this?)

12) High Profile DPP (t-shirt back copy reads…available one weeknight for badminton game)

13) Before you kill me I suicide first…

14) You Blew Me, now Let me Blow You….Up

15) Close Encounters of the UTK Kind

16) Private Investigation Services (t-shirt back reads Specialise in Nightly Visit to Hotel Rooms)

Ah….somebody stop me….


3 thoughts on “T-Shirts Anyone?

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