Euphoria minus Misery

Hey all! I am back, a much rejuvenated, relaxed (slept 10 hours last night) and raring to go. Thanks for all the nice words n support during my three weeks of endless mental masturbation, rejection of ideas, back to drawing board, persevering through sheer hell.

Learnt a lot of life lessons during this time. Loyalty, dedication, unconditional kindness n love, the depth of friendship, tough love, how dogged determination and hard work will not fail u.

Twice in the past 5 days, I was saved from disaster by totally unexpected acts of kindness by two friends. To these two, i’d like to express my profound gratitude. You guys rock!!


Also, I’d like to tell u guys (those who don’t know anyway) that tomorrow, the Green Fest takes place at Forest Research Institute of Malaysia in Kepong, Selangor.

I’ll be going there armed with a camera, and I hope to learn some new ways to contribute to the environmental cause. Each of us Earthlings have a duty to do so, so why don’t u guys head that way.

The Star newspaper seems to be involved in a big way (mebbe press sponsor). I’ve been seeing lots of articles during the past week about acitivies lined up. Read some of them here. Also, here’s the diary of events.

So those with family, bring your kids over to FRIM tomorrow. It will be a very nice way to spend your Sunday amidst the rich biodiversity of the FRIM grounds. See y’all there!


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