Come gimme head

I’ve hit the proverbial wall as I write this. I am under serious deadline. The final show is next week and I am still stuck at half-baked ideas. For the past four hours I’ve been trying to perah otak.

Worked some…but i think I need a breather. So here I am. None of you would understand right now. But then I’m not making myself clear am I. I am afflicted with creative block. What an ambitious phrase. I’m afraid I am not 10% of that what that phrase promises.

 Aaaaaaargh! Generating original ideas is so freaking hard!!!! And I’m constipated….no one can help me but me. Can I have some mental laxative please? I’m well and truly screwed.


8 thoughts on “Come gimme head

  1. Hello Galadriel
    I’ve seen your comments around and just hopped from Mat Salo’s blog to yours.
    Oh! I’ve caught you in a bad time. What can I do or more importantly how can I get that mental laxative for you? 🙂

    I know it may sound silly but relax your mind, think happy thoughts. Imagine yourself on a serene beach. Pick up a shell and hear the sound of waves filling up your soul. Float. Float. Float.
    I will return. Don’t float too far away. 🙂

  2. Hi Galadriel,

    I don’t have a mental laxative, but I have a hammer, which works excellently well! It’s really a multi-purpose hammer, and works wonders in all kinds of things: Mental-block, mental-bloc, mental-anguish, mental-craze…

    All it takes is one hammer, and you’d conk out real good…

    Haha…I am mean, aren’t I?

    But oh well, I hope you feel better…

  3. Eh Sis? You pening ke? OK, OK..I blanja you Kemaman Coffee House soon to un-block the “Blogger’s Block” and let the creative juices flow, or rather the “Tea Cham” flow… Bila nak pegi nih?

  4. Hello G,
    Oh it was a pleasure meeting with you Elviza yesterday. Wish could stay longer. So mental block or ‘blog’ah! Its the brains way of saying…take a rest. I’m sure after this ‘off day’ you’ll be back with gusto flowing thru your ears. Take it easy k.

  5. Hey sis

    Still on that h____y p___ thing?

    Follow Daily Nibblers advice … sleep, or tengok wayang, or read the quarels of MOnsterball … opss thats no gud stressful, or jog or sex … whatever to get your mind of it first. Then come back to it.

    Sleep, alone or with someone, always works for me.

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