Love Me Tender…

It’s all over the news (read here and here) in Malaysia. The Prime Minister gets hitched this Saturday. Rather attractive woman I must say. Pak Lah’s wedding is indeed a nice, happy news for us all. He said his bride Jean Danker or Jeanne Abdullah as she will now be known, can take care of him.

We Malaysians must indeed rejoice that a lonely man gets a partner to get older with. Congrats, best wishes and all those sort of things to Pak Lah and family.

As “children” of Malaysia, we kids certainly welcome the addition to the first family, a fact that the Prime Minister laughed off a few months ago when intrepid bloggers who (sometimes) can’t be shut up with a phone call broke the story. Ah….RPK. One of ’em here as a cheeky reminder. Tsk Tsk Sheih…naughty but accurate.

Uncle Sam(y) of course has to outdo everyone else and he does it in style with a poem. Cool!

Now, the wedding will apparently be a small, family-only affair…oops sorry, wrong choice of words….i mean to say occasion. I applaud. It is indeed only dignified for two middle-aged people to want to marry without pomp and ceremony. Anyway, Raja Nazrin of Perak got married in a simple ceremony recently too, and spared the state coffers; a rare and refreshing gesture of circumspection from Malaysia’s royalty.

I think it is kinda sweet of the old guy to publicly say he fell in love…recently. Forgive me, whenever someone gets hitched, I always go into this teasing mode. Sheesh! Simply can’t help it. Well why not? Love knows no age….though a friend once said the older you are when u fall in love, the more troublesome it is.

Outgoing British PM Tony Blair actually had a baby while in office (his wife Cherie, rather). Which starts me speculating about my hitherto straightlaced view of No 10, Downing Street. Sitting Prime Ministers actually do it in the official residence eh? With their wives too….hmm.

Sorry I digressed too far away…

I wonder though, if this means Pak Lah will have a second honeymoon in three years…


3 thoughts on “Love Me Tender…

  1. Very astute Galadriel! I loved that last line though, “I wonder though, if this means Pak Lah will have a second honeymoon in three years…”

    Classic, pure and unadulterated AR!

  2. Heheh, I am indeed glad Elviza. Now pregnant Nori can take better care of herself.

    Mat Salo,

    so u noticed that the Setan came out of the closet? gud gud. I lurve my new horns. But its very like u to notice that almost afterthought of a statement…heheh

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