Welcome to Birdland….

Viewing the world through camera lenses alters your perception in more ways than you know. I made this happy discovery quite a while ago, and this fuelled my love affair ever since. I have certainly started paying more attention to the little things around me in the recent years.

Malaysia is one of the biodiversity capitals of the world, so it certainly is home to many many bird species. I’d like to share some pictures of birds i found in my surroundings, and hopefully, you readers can help me name some of them. Here we go….


This bird was on a tree in front of Rumah Universiti, University Malaya in KL. It turned around a few seconds later n I got a closer shot….below.


Interesting bird. Could this be of the magpie family? I have not seen its like since. But hey, I live in Kuala Lumpur and I’m very lucky to see anything other than crows, pigeons, mynahs and house sparrows.

The one below is one I would have missed if it did not move. It was pretty small and heartbreakingly beautiful. See for yourself.



The above pic is also of the same type of bird (CAN SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT SPECIES?) that I took at dusk at the Lake Gardens in Seremban. I think they may be bulbuls. Could be Olive Winged Bulbul or Yellow Vented Bulbul.


This pristine white confection of a bird is smaller than half my palm. This dainty little thing is a Java Sparrow, and I saw it not in the wild but at the kiddy zoo at Zoo Negara.


This pair found while walking at the KL Lake Gardens. Couldn’t get a better picture because I couldn’t get any closer and my hands were shaking. Looks like something of the sparrow family but I’m not ornithologist so enlighten me please.


This is a common bird that is lovely to look at. The Black-naped Oriole. I used to see it often in neighbourhoods with lots of trees and of course parks. Seen it near my house as a matter of fact, but these birds always stay far enough away to make it difficult for amateur old me to photograph.

I do have a collection of bird pictures from my forays around towns, villages and jungles. I’ll post more of them when I can. Meanwhile, enjoy yourselves ogling these winged darlings.

This site has some info of local birds that helped me a little.


10 thoughts on “Welcome to Birdland….

  1. First bird – magpie. Second bird (set) – yellow-vented bulbul. The ‘couple’ looks like swifts. Pacific swifts?

    Argh. My birdy geekness is showing.

  2. Elizabeth mah woman!!

    What an unexpected pleasure! Thank u so much. I guessed the magpie part. but the swifts escaped me and u a bird-lover too? Had no idea. We birds of a feather must get together n chirp more on this topic.

  3. hi..

    elizabeth is right. first two are magpie robins, 3rd and 4th pics are yellow-vented bulbuls.
    while the pair is, if i’m not mistaken are pacific swallows.

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