Eye Candy

Things are getting busier at school, pretty impossible to post some thoughtful stuff for some time now. But I’m back and with some pictures from the old collection.view

The theme is Marine this time, well largely anyway. This is from a visit to Aquaria in KLCC last year. I must say it is freaking expensive and for RM28 (non-Malaysians pay more) I thought the offered fare was kinda disappointing. I had an eyeful of some huge Arapaimas(and more) at Zoo Negara for a fraction of the price.

Here are some pics from the the two visits. Enjoy, folks!


This is a busy lionfish, refused to stay still and strike a pose for moi! Hence the blur effect : (


Nice view through the circular glass, granted. But the picture below was kinda warmer I thought.


See what I mean? Looks wholesome doesn’t it?


What’s a visit to Aquaria without a shot of good ol’ Sharky Shark. Thanks to the late Peter Benchley’s seminal work and Steven Spielberg’s larger than life representation on celluloid, Sharky has got a bad rep for decades now. But lemme tell you this. Far more people died in the hands of a certain Texan hick of a president than in the jaws of these efficient predators.


This is a Nautilus. Until I visited Aquaria, I had always thought that Nautilus is the name of Captain Nemo’s ship and that’s it. You know Captain Nemo right? Ok, I don’t need to explain further. Now I know Nautilus is actually a cephalopod. Add that to the knowledge that author Jules Verne (whose creation was the Nautilus and Captain Nemo, among others) was an ardent naturalist who often displayed his attention to scientific accuracy in his novels. It makes complete sense to me now.

So yes, I did learn something new. And I got acquainted with the cute guy below. Check him out, basking in his reptilian glory.


This reminded me of Malaysian musician Amir Yusoff. No, this is not how he looks, Amir is a hunk of a guy, with some mean dreadlocks, a mean voice and he’s a dab hand at playing the guitar too. Just that its a well known fact that the guy keeps two pet iguanas. About 2 to three years ago, I met him and asked about his reptilian pets. He said he still had them and they were fine.


This was taken at Zoo Negara. Couldn’t at first determine whether its a tortoise or turtle. I do believe now that its a tortoise. I’ve never seen a tortoise like this though. It looks like its shell was stepped on by an elephant and its bent and twisted all over. Seriously though, I would appreciate it if any of you could enlighten me on the name of this species.

Arapaima gigas

This is one of the largest, if not THE largest species of freshwater fish in the world, the Arapaima Gigas. The few that I saw at the freshwater aquarium at Zoo Negara. This species is native to the wild and rich Amazon river that snakes through Peru and Brazil in South America.

A source of income for poor Peruvian fishermen, the Arapaima or Pirarucu as it is known in South Americawas hunted down in earnest until it figured in the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. It moves rather gently and seems a docile fish, but it measured almost 10-feet-long so, if I am in the vicinity of these giants, I’d steer clear. A whip of that giant tail could floor you easy. Remember, that stingray that killed Steve Irwin was a docile creature too.

The thing is, many of us humans forget that the most gentle of creatures can turn dangerous if it senses a threat. Hell, try taking a kitten away from its mom. I used to have claw marks from such encounters. 


8 thoughts on “Eye Candy

  1. Salam Galadriel,

    My first visit. Always meant to hop over whenever I read your comments but didn’t get around till now. I’m glad. My eyes had a feast. I’ll definitely be back.

    Now, off to read some of your earlier entries. 🙂

  2. AR,

    Like Elv said, quite a feast here. Of the Aquaria shots, I particularly like the shot of the “family” peering in. Dunno why, I like the human element I guess, conjure a sense of awe, curiosity, wonderment.. even if you can’t see their faces. You know ambik gambo in aquariam ni not easy. Lots of a technical ability required (waht filters to pakai lah, getting rid reflection off the glass etc), besides a keen eye on what you call ‘art”. Nak tengok technically perfect shots, go to my member’s photosite http://tembeling.com . Doktor mengajar kat IMU Kuantan. Awesome gambos of his pet arawona..

    The other is the iguana. Cun abih! Being of slimy disposition myself, I love reptile shots! Cuba you tengok betol betol, the iguana is smiling kan? Colors vivid, composition bagiuh; but to get the colors to “keluar” lagi, try to “underexpose” sikit, it will saturate the colors more. Try it.

    Good luck, can’t wait to read more of your “thought-provoking” pieces, AR…

  3. Glad that you’re back!

    Just three words: Cun cun cun!

    P/s Had your digicam fixed? I took a round this Wednesday 30th May, and got some nice shots. Unfortunately, the bird was full so ….

  4. Aiyaa…sorry folks, my presence here has been sporadic of late.

    Mek Yam, honoured to have u here. Welcome.

    Jeri, thanx. lotsa ppl r partial to the cicak fella.

    Thnx Elviza for dropping by.

    Daily Nibbler, no flash used. Actually i rarely use flash. I try to work with whatever available light.

    Mat Paya, I visited the site u gave…aah!! I was delirious with pleasure. I wish I cud take gems like that. Wow! Can I meet ur fren ah?

    A Voice, tima kacih. Arapaima meat is rather tough, I heard. The poor fisherfolk of Peru eat it, but only cos they catch it for the scales. Apparently the meat taste like leather. Usually these big fishes r hardly culinary treats.


    U make me blush again. These were pics i took last year. Still haven’t fixed the cam. I shall not ask u abt the trip again until i get my cam fixed…so rest easy mate!

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