The Allure of Water

In the past few years as an amateur shutterbug, I have amassed a significant number of photos that I think deserve some online airing finally. Here I share some pictures that are not just beautiful on their own, but are powerful mnemonic triggers for me. They are not all taken at the same time, nor are they travelogue stuff. The only common denominator here is that all pictures here have something to do with water. I start with….


A view from the hill. Waves crashing into the rocks just after Teluk Nipah, on the western coast of Pangkor Island.


This was just before the hilly stretch above. The view drom the densely forested hill is breathtaking. They say that the rainforest of Pangkor could be as old as 4 million years. I am suitably humbled.


Waves crashing onto the beach in Teluk Nipah. I noticed the comparatively steep gradient of the beach. But the repetitive cadence of frothy waters swirling onto the beach regularly is to me a curiously soothing experience. Nothing like nature to soothe one’s nerves.


For the life of me, I can’t remember where is the geographical location of this picture above. The sky darkened and I could feel the first moist droplets of rain as I hurriedly took this picture during a pitstop at a petrol kiosk up north. Only after I downloaded the pictures did I see this gem. What looks like mangrove swamp here was just a flooded secondary forest.


 View from the lighthouse in Tanjung Tuan, Malacca. The turquoise water and the delightful complement to the green hill made me take this picture. Tanjung Tuan maybe in Malacca, but for us, it is just the far end of Port Dickson. The lighthouse sits on a forest reserve that draws a lot of nature enthusiasts. Come April every year, this hill fills up with birdwatchers gathering for the annual Raptor Watch, armed with cameras and binoculars to catch the migratory birds flying south.


Another picture I snapped without thinking and went home to discover a mood shot. This was a cloudy afternoon view of the Semenyih dam in Selangor. Always had this fascination with dams. The drive here is a scenic one. You’d be surprised to find lovely rural charms and natural beauty of Malaysia’s rainforests, barely an hour’s drive from Kuala Lumpur.


Finally, this unique sight I nailed my interest. At a fishing village near Jalan Pantai, Port Dickson, I found these fish tails nailed to the wall. There was no one around except for a sleeping fat cat, so I couldn’t ask more about the types of fish nailed here. Would have made for interesting chat, this one. I’m going back someday…


9 thoughts on “The Allure of Water

  1. Wonderful effort! Should have just tried to strike out a conversation with the cat…..kekekeke. Haven’t gone for another round of “bird-riding” yet. Will let you know when the time comes.
    Carry on clicking yo!

  2. Hi,

    First timer here…

    Wow…Those photos are wonderful…They’se such a remedy for sore-eyes…The photo you took whose location you can’t remember: Any chance it is the Kuala Sepetang Mangrove Area in Taiping, or the Kota Kinabalu Bird Sanctuary?
    Thanks for the pics! I’ll come back when I have done too much work on the computer and need some greens to take my mind off, but too lazy to jalan outside ;)…


  3. Dear EOM,

    thank you so much. coming from u it means something. I’ll post a pic of the cat someday


    thanks for dropping by, heard lots abt ur good work Keep it up! : )

  4. galadriel, thank you for visiting me…and thank you for putting a nice comment about me in Kak Ena’s blog… I’m glad JT introduced me to you…

    Those photos made me speechless…I always love such beaches…so tranquil and so refreshing…being by its seaside is so calming… ahhhh that made me want to have a vacation…

    take care and muaaahhhh…

  5. Galadriel,

    Power nya gambo gambo you . . . I like it! Itu baru pakai camera murah – HA – kena DSLR baru tau… 🙂

    Hmmm, sometime late to mid-June I think can go to kena kopi Chiam at Kemaman Coffee House Section 14. You sure you wanna take the risk? *wink*

  6. Galadriel darling,

    What awesome pictures there my friend….

    “I am going back someday, come what may to blue byou….”

    beautiful beautiful tunes….

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