The Ballot Has Spoken

It is no joke. The by-election results in the Selangor State Constituency of Ijok shows that campaign rhetorics may be all fine, but the people will vote the candidate they believe in.

BN’s gambit in retaining an MIC candidate to run under the ruling party’s banner has not dented it in anyway. “Cikgu” Parthiban won with an increased majority.

According to Bernama,

BN’s K. Parthiban polled 5,884 votes while Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim of Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) received 4,034 votes in the straight fight. There were 134 spoilt votes. Returning Officer Haris Kassim announced the results at 8.42pm.

I found this interesting report interesting as well.

In today’s by-election, which recorded the highest ever voter turnout in the the country’s election history, a total of 10,049 or 81.88 per cent of the 12,272 electorate cast their ballots.

That’s a record!. People turning out in droves to vote probably pushed the majority up for BN to improve upon Datuk K. Sivalingam’s 2004 showing where he polled 1,649 majority over his rival then.

At the end of the day, the people of Ijok showed that election rhetorics, no matter how much flash and pyrotechnics thrown in, doesn’t wash. Forget corruption, forget Altantuya; it is a local guy they knew and identified with that they chose. As for the rest, they know many would not even have heard of Ijok if not for the by-election. 

I also see that that PUNDAK managed to garner only 134 votes this time aroun despite its president’s calamitous visit to Ijok that resulted in bottles flying and God knows what else. Here’s to a better showing next time Pres Pazuzu : ) !

The voting majority of Malaysia will continue to vote the ruling coalition in the times to come, until and unless there is some demonstration of seriousness  on the part of the Opposition parties about ruling. Better the devil you know I guess.

A neighbour of mine said over a mamak stall dinner last week, “You know, my hometown people voted Opposition once. After all that bising-bising and promises during campaign, we hardly saw him! So tell me, how are they any different?”  

Hardly encouraging feedback for the Opposition.


3 thoughts on “The Ballot Has Spoken

  1. The ballot has spoken and so has YB Parthiban.It is now time for him to start delivering all his promises. We will watch what he does!

  2. Galadriel….

    Love this write-up! YB’s tenure is too short me-thinks to make much “impact” – interesting to see what happens AFTER the GE. But I wish him well.

    And Oh, LOVE the “new look” on your blog. Cantik laa. Hmmm, maybe I shoud migrate also kot?

  3. You love this Pundak people, ha?

    I think uncle zorro has a good piece of advice for YB K Parthiban, to prevent from being a Pundek.

    YB’s life is no party and band.

    …. I just can’t resist that.

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