Death, matchmaking and video

Bad news always makes for prime news in the papers. After the sad death of Amid the baby elephant, I was in despair over the state of conservation in Malaysia. That poor, malnourished elephant must have suffered before it met its untimely end, despite the Malacca Zoo people’s efforts to make it healthy again.

Things are not always gloomy though. The Star’s front page today was chuckle-worthy. The sight of a bunch of people dragging a 4.7 m Gharial crocodile to meet its mate was a riot. Started me thinking though…even crocodiles get to mate and if it doesn’t somebody does matchmaking for ’em. I guess I have to be an endangered species before I get match-made. But hey, as a Malaysian blogger I already am! : )

Another good news courtesy of WWF Malaysia is the spotting of the Sumatran Rhino, a critically endangered rhinoceros species, in the wilds of Borneo. The Star also reported it here


Here is a still from a two-minute footage from a camera trap that the WWF people had placed in the interior jungles of Sabah. According to WWF Malaysia, there are only about 25-50 Sumatran Rhinos estimated to be surviving in the whole island of Borneo.

Breeding these shy giants are by no means easy because, they rarely mate, and when they do, gestation period is a long one. Breeding them in captivity does not seem to have worked. In fact, several Sumatran Rhinos died within days at a Rhino Sanctuary in Selangor a couple of years ago.

This species is without a doubt the most critically endangered one in Malaysia, if not the world. Readers can help its conservation efforts by becoming a Kawan WWF.

Do your part, because we as the dominant species on this earth have a moral responsibility to protect the rest. After all, we at the top of the food chain stand to ultimately lose the most from extinction of species and loss of habitat.


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