Ijok…here we go

Would our elected representatives start dropping like flies? They certainly have been at more or less a steady rate, since last year, thus ensuring by-elections every now and then.

The Barisan Nasional candidate was announced today by Selangor Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir Toyo. The candidate, according to Bernama, is one K.Parthiban from MIC.

Here’s some excerpts..

Parthiban, 38, a former co-academic officer with the Kuala Selangor District Education Office, was selected to contest the Ijok state seat for the BN following the death of its Assemblyman, Datuk K. Sivalingam on April 4 in India.

Meanwhile, MIC president Datuk Seri S.Samy Vellu said Parthiban was capable of wooing the hearts of the constituents because he was a local who understood the needs and aspirations of the electorate.“Besides being young, he is also highly educated and an active social worker,” he told reporters after the announcement of Parthiban as the BN candidate .-Bernama

This brings to close all speculation about who’s going to be the next BN candidate. I must say I was well and truly disgusted with the kind of lobbying that was going on in MIC. It was happening even at the late Datuk K.Sivalingam’s funeral. Sheesh!!!

Imagine this scene…

 Widow: Booo Hooo Hooo….my husband has left me (wailing uncontrolably)

Wannabe: I’m so sorry for your plight, Datin. I knew your husband very well. We are like brothers. In fact he used to say that he would get me a seat.

Widow: (Wailing) My husband…..

MIC Pres consoling widow: What can we say? God gives, God takes back. Have strength to survive this. He was like a brother to me.

Wannabe 2: He was like a brother to me. We used to serve the people of Ijok together. (Lower tone) Datuk Seri…do you have anyone in mind?

MIC Pres: This is a funeral daa….

Wannabe 3 barges in after overhearing conversation and corners the MIC Prez.

Wannabe 3: What kinda insensitive guy is that? Don’t pay attention to these kind of people Datuk Seri….they will sell the community for a fistfull of dollars?

MIC Pres wonders…”ithu engiyo keta mathiri irrukku” (I have heard this somewhere)

MIC Pres: These fellas don’t know how to behave at all, and they dare to come ask for a seat at a time like this. The funeral isn’t even over yet.

Wannabe 3: I agree 100 % Datuk Seri. I think these fellas should be sent back to school to learn some manners. Choose me to run in Ijok, and I’ll promise you that you will not see ill-mannered people in MIC.

Samy Vellu: Et tu? @$#@%#44^%#$!!@


4 thoughts on “Ijok…here we go

  1. I have a good friend in Klang who was pretty confident he would be the one to be nominated. This was because of the feedback he got and the fact that he wasnt amongst the 23 who ‘applied’ for the seat.

    Boy, he must be really disappointed indeed. I have not yet been able to contact him.

  2. Galadriel

    Kah kah kah … all 3 reminds me of my former indian staff. Pandai jack. Anyway they are all gud people responsible to their family.

    One of them is still available. Married off all his 5 sisters. Soudn like Parthiban. Duit banyak dey.

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