Governance? It’s up to you

What kinda statement is this?

 The Prime Minister of Malaysia said that it is up to the Anti Corruption Agency to to look into allegations that RM32mil in kickbacks was paid by nine Japanese shipping companies transporting timber from Sarawak. 

“We are not sure of the facts. If there is something serious, then those people who made the report can inform us. We cannot go on the basis of what the newspaper says” Abdullah was quoted in The Star.

He gets my kambing again. For someone who asked the people to “work with him, not for him” this is rather lame, and in my opinion, rather apathetic.

Of course you can’t go on the basis of a newspaper report alone. But isn’t it only responsible to look into the matter? It is a foreign newspaper that made the allegation, based on a foreign regulator’s findings.

Maybe in Billion-crazy and Trillion-high Malaysia, RM32million is mere peanuts.

We already have an Anti Corruption Agency head who is being investigated for a bunch of transgressions. The Prime Minister seem to imply he doesn’t really care about the country’s reputation. Others in the country is chasing dubious records

We have a real shot at getting that real record. First South East Asian country to earn an International Laughingstock title.

This is a very compelling reason don’t you think, to vote Parti Undi Rosak next election? Oh! You missed the deadline? That’s ok…go back to sleep then. Let the country go to hell.


One thought on “Governance? It’s up to you

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