Going off the expressway has no PLUS-side

Heh! Many Malaysian road users have become quite manja since the North South Expressway came into being. Road travel is made convenient, linking the major cities and towns throughout the Peninsular, from Bukit Kayu Hitam to Johor Baru.

I had to go up North for some business cum long-delayed visit. Was doing the robot-like thing in getting on to the PLUS North South Expressway at Jalan Duta. After taking my toll ticket, I drove on with dread, knowing it to be a long, boring trudge with the inevitable pitstops.

Something snapped when I was passing the Sungai Buloh rest area. Damn! I must get off this road….and that I did in Rawang. Drove through Rawang town with its own little traffic jams (bottleneck-type largely) and headed towards Kuala Kubu Bahru.

Thought I’d pull up for a chicken rice before continuing. Then I saw this sign

Try To Eat

Er…Doesn’t exactly inspire you, does it, when you go to and eatery and it say TRY TO EAT? The sign raised more questions, so I drove a little further and had chapati and dhal at a Indian eatery.

Sun is already high in the sky….and it was sweltering. Aiyoh! Air-conditioning and Joe Satriani at full blast made the next half an hour or so kinda tolerable.

Batang Kali, Serendah, Kuala Kubu Baru…all quaint scenic towns that you miss if you had taken the highway. Then I saw this.


Some diehard Ipoh guy must have done this. Ok…So I had to say it. Ipoh Mali! Tara Sombong Punya. But why laa vandalise a road sign? Is Ipoh Mali a suburb of Ipoh? @#$$#

More sights are to baffle and befuddle me. I give you some of them here.


I was going through the state and federal roads. I expected to see kapchai, cars, cows, goats people, lots of trees, and yes busses too. But this many buses in one place? Duh! There must be more than a hundred there, in differing degree of desrepair or should I say someday, DisReput?

Driving on, sights were pretty normal, for a country side. Kuala Kubu Baru Kerling, Kalumpang, Tanjung Malim, Ulu Bernam passed me by, provoking chuckles with some off kilter signs.

This showed that the double tracking project by KTM all the way to Ipoh, is very much alive and in progress.


Oh! I had to make a little detour in Kuala Kubu Baru to take a snap of this. KKB Komuter Station is almost ready. Good for the locals, I thought.

 Driving along Tanjung Malim district took me through some oil palm plantations. This stopped my car. Bat Village. Dracula’s retirement estate.


And then I saw this sign below, and chuckle became a guffaw!! Hahahah!


Umno is recruiting bats now? Election time must be really happening. Wait a minute. Bats are nocturnal right? So would they extend voting hours to accomodate Kg Kelawar residents? All kinda wicked thoughts occured to me as I hit the accelerator.


This was nearer to Kampar, in Perak. Certainly eye-catching sign. Didn’t stop to try the Haji-Naik-Moto less food, as I was short of time. Stopped for a quick lunch in Gopeng before going back on the PLUS Expressway. Yeah! I chickened out.


The pic above shows a a man in his lepak maut moment on Gurney Drive in Penang. Envy the guy, he knows how to chill.


Here, off Gurney Drive, three species of God’s creation look for the same thing…..fish.


The sight of an Ang Mo/Gwei Lo/Mat Salleh eating rice with his fingers was something I could not resist capturing. But that is what I like about these travellers. They absorb the local experience the whole way. This pair was snapped having a banana leaf vegetarian meal at a Chulia Street Indian restaurant in Penang. (Note to self: Masuk Kandang Kambing Jangan Mengaum).

I save the bad noose for last. My camera did a humpty dumpty and is now in coma…Sigh…


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