Logging destroying Lojing

Oi Fools!!! What’s happening to your brains? Addled by repeated trips to the border? How come you get a virgin forest logged bare when it is part of the National Park? Isn’t that just plain ILLEGAL?

The Star’s report on March 26

Massive land-clearing activities at Lojing Highlands in Gua Musang, Kelantan, involving 25,000ha, is a disaster in the making,warned Natural Resources and Environment Ministry parliamentary secretary Datuk Sazmi Miah.  

“The activities are clearly a blatant disregard for the laws on highland development,” he said. 

He added that the ministry would immediately freeze all approvals for environmental impact assessment (EIA) applications at Lojing.  

“We will not approve any EIA until we are able to rectify the current environmental damage at Lojing,” he told reporters after carrying out an air surveillance to check on land-clearing activities at Cameron Highlands and Lojing Highlands. 

Sazmi said one badly destroyed area at Lojing Highlands was the clearing of 300ha of flat land situated about 1,400m above sea level for a paku-pakis (fern) planting project. 

“We don’t know how the state government can do this as we only allow agriculture development to take place at areas below the 1,000m mark,” he added.  

So the ball was at the Kelantan government’s court. What is this? The way I see it, 25,000 acres of virgin forest is being raped by 22 companies (with only 5 of them backed by EIA supported approvals). A matter of economic gain?

The way I see it, the state govt, if it does not do anything about this issue fast, Kelantan will be barren land, and even BN will not be interested in the state anymore. Nothing to rip from the earth….Petroleoum will go dry in a couple of decades. What happens to the Kelantanese people then?

Umno’s Annuar Musa said this

State Umno liaison committee chairman Datuk Seri Annuar Musa told a press conference that Umno would press the state government to freeze all logging activities pending an investigation by an independent committee. 

He stressed that there was nothing political about the issue as environment preservation was a concern for all political parties. 

That statement triggered an involuntary snigger. Pigi dah ! The actions of state governments in other parts of Malaysia is not forgiveable either. Take Selangor and what happened to Bukit Lagung Forest Reserve. Parliament actually de-gazetted some 200-hectares (so I was told) of this forest reserve behind FRIM. Development is also taking place there.

So don’t pretend to be suddenly conscious abt the Environment.


4 thoughts on “Logging destroying Lojing

  1. According to The Star frontpage, the ” illegally logged ” areas make up the Southern part of Taman Negara and the funny thing is the DOE, the PERHILITAN or whateva didnt do anything when it obviously broke the law and happened right under their noses, their jurisdictions !

    Instead, they go bashing the state govt as if Kelantan is autonomous or a different country altogether.

    To me, the report is very fishy and funny too.
    I have no idea whether the joke is on the State Govt or the UMNO people who played up this issue.

    To me, it is just another political stunt aka crap from the desperate party.
    You know, the election is around the corner ….

    You need to read this too for more insights.



  2. Coupled with what’s happening in Sabah and Sarawak – it just boggles the mind to know the wanton disregard for the environment – simply because these two states have been ‘off the radar’ – generations to come will simply have to pay for the folly of our times. Let’s see what we as voters can do, and pray, it’s not too late!

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