Here’s a Man who Speaks Sense

IGP Tan Sri Musa Hassan is the man with the plan, and for the future of the police force in this country, I hope he gets the support of the governance collective (that includes you, you and you politicians).

The only practical and reasonable way to weed out corruption among the police force is to remove the temptation and make it a respectable living. A 20% hike above the other civil servants’ pay seems a reasonable enough start for me.

Here’s what he told The Star. The opening paragraph speaks my thoughts

The police want 20% more in basic salary than any government servants so that more and better-qualified people will be keen to join the force, Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan said. 

 He said a new and better scheme of service was needed as the force was undergoing a massive restructuring exercise. 

“This must be done if we want to reduce corruption and also to reach out and provide better delivery to the public. 

“The restructuring exercise will also see the deployment of additional manpower and logistic support to highly populated and crime-prone districts in the country,” he told The Star in a special interview in conjunction with the 200th year celebration of the police force today.  – Sunday Star (March 25)

He added that he had submitted the proposal to the Public Service Department. 

So he had submitted his proposal. Action first, and then talk. The man means business indeed.

Take away the temptation of graft. And elevate the profession to something us Malaysians respect. Plenty of our young men and women will see their future in law enforcement then.

When I see those traffic cops at gridlocks throughout the city come rain or shine, I take off my hats to these guys. It can’t be pleasant, but they do it.

When I am lost and the safest place to stop is a police station, these guys and gals have helped me countless times. Granted, there are bad apples, but any organisation has rogues anyway. Let’s not punish the collective.

Two hundred years of service…I think it is long past time for some dignity.


3 thoughts on “Here’s a Man who Speaks Sense

  1. My respect for their dedication despite being underpaid, ill-equiped, long hours, and dangerosu work they do to provide us security.

    For a country of only 50 years, they have served us longer. Shouldn’t their life be taken care off.

  2. My thoughts too. We civilians sleep peacefully at night, go about our business during the day, because of the men who keep law and order. Malaysia is not as dangerous as some places in neighbouring countries, because we do not allow anarchy to reign. Let’s appreciate them. It’s the least we can do.

  3. Couldn’t agree more galadriel…again sorry for an earlier ‘faux pas’. As usual, I can’t help but come here because it’s so refreshing to hear an original piece – what YOU think – as opposed to some rehashed stories.

    Not only that, I find your prose and eloquence to be one of the best on the net. I know it moves me, and anyone who has the pleasure. Wow! I love it!

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