“Zero” Promise

First came Zero Squatters 2005, then came the Zero Unemployment (which according to real world situation, is not possible cos there will always be residual unemployment).

Now, the Malaysian IGP Tan Sri Musa Hassan has pledged Zero Tolerance to “outside interference” in police investigations, in an interview with The Star yesterday. Firstly, the very reference indicates there existed outside interference before. In all fairness, maybe it doesn’t now. And maybe this year pigs will really fly.

Musa has shown a marked will to clean up the police force and a no-nonsense, I-mean-business demeanour that was heartening, since he took over from predecessor Tan Sri Mohd Jamil Johari. I’m an essential romantic who’d like to believe that he means what he says.

I also hope that the political climate will allow him to do his job, especially there is this high profile murder case of Altantuya Shariibuu looming close, and let’s not have another case thrown out due to shoddy investigation. This time, international eyes will be closely trained on Malaysia.

According to The Sun report not too long ago, police handling of of two rather well known cases; the Norjan Khan murder as well as Chinese national Xu Jianhuang’s mysterious death raised a lot of questions.

I have one final question. Former MBSA engineer Haniff Basree was acquitted of the murder of young Noritta Shamsudin, abt two yrs ago. That must mean the killer is still at large, to my naive mind. What happened to that case then? All throughout the trial, I wondered what happened to her missing phone and her supposed li’l black book. Calls can be traced, so there shud be no problems with knowing who were the people she called. Was her phone tendered as evidence? Or her call statement perhaps?

Just can’t help but think there was more to that story there. What say you, readers?


2 thoughts on ““Zero” Promise

  1. Naik gaji dulu. Nanti baru Polis tangkap orang jahat. Ok? Tangkap Polis? Siapa berani? Bukan Polis. Bukan ACA.

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