Musa Hitam and Digital Democracy

Trawling the local blogs today somewhat warmed the proverbial cockles of my heart. I came across this posting at Rocky’s blog that gave me a definition of digital democracy.

The posting also included what I take to be Tan Sri Musa Hitam’s speech as he launched a book by Ooi Kee Beng on former DPM and consummate public servant Tun Dr Ismail, probably one of the finest politicians (by that I mean, he led an exemplary life) this country has seen.

A part of Musa’s speech I reproduce here, courtesy of Rocky Bru.

“I guess the late Tun (Dr Ismail) never imagined how our nation has become so so internet savvy in such a short time. Certainly, though, he would be happy to know that in spite of the furious debates on what used to be these taboo subjects, they are not accompanied by the inevitable unrest and even violence that used to be the order of the day! This is what a leading professor calls “Digital Democracy”. And Thank God for that!”

Maybe as a retired politician, Musa has none of that insecurity issues that plague many of the serving (dare I say self-serving) politicians and ministers. His words above says a lot about the man’s intelligence. What clever articulation, to say something that significant, surreptiously and to nonchalantly attribute it all to what he thinks his hero would have said or thought. Musa is cool : ).


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