Not too long ago…

The current gloomy weather, the roaring thunder and white-hot lightning that accompanies pouring rain makes it easy to forget that not too long ago, we used to have glorious glorious sun, and breathtaking sunsets.

 Here’s a picture that reminded me of just how magnificent the colours of dusk really are.


This was a chance shot of a passing ship that was rapidly disappearing into dusky oblivion. Taken from Tanjung Harapan, near Northport, in Port Klang with my trusty little Sony Cybershot. Had to use a tripod and this was a timed shot. My hands were not steady enough.


7 thoughts on “Not too long ago…

  1. Wow, that’s a great shot with the cybershot. If you have not mentioned, I would have thought you are using the semi-pro DSLR Canaon 30 D or some similar model. I took all the aerial shots with the trusty (yet fast reload) Lumix FX1. No chance to use those semi-pro camera as the view changed so rapidly up there. I would click away non-stop until the camera heated up and before I knew it, the 1 Gb card was full with some 500 shots in the bag. Nice work!

  2. thank u wielmaja. My camera is a simple one, but as an old photographer friend of mine once said, with some effort, even point and shoot cameras can produce magical results. : )

    Must get together. P’haps u can teach me something.

  3. Just took a peep at your other shots. Nice composition. Those shots revealed to me that you are a matured photographer, and you certainly do not need anyone, much less me, to teach you! Perhaps you could take a look at Kevin Han’s photo blog (link at my blog) as he is a real great photographer. I have a shot of Twin Tower taken from an angle I think nobody had ever done so. Proud to say that that photo now adorned the walls of many politians, CEOs and even Ministers! I will put the shot in the blog soon! Stay tune! 🙂

  4. Glalabriel, been clicking along and it was refreshing to stumble upon here. I like your prose and writing style – passionate straight-from-the-heart stuff. And the pictures .. waa.. my I wonder what might happen if you hands on a D-SLR? Keep on’ bro…

  5. Mat Salo,

    thanks for the comments…It is sis, not bro, btw. A D-SLR is way way beyond my reach at this moment, but who knows somewhere in the not too distant future…I just might. And as to ur movie review comment, yes, i’d like to have more of them.

    Trouble is, there is so much to write, yet so little time. In the coming days p’haps?

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