A case for castration

Things like this makes me sick. It should make any right thinking person outraged. Quite beneath that sensationalised “enthralling” dirty diary report is the sad truth. This teenage girl was violated by an adult male under whose ostensible care she stayed.

How much worse can it be? The corruption of a young girl’s mind is complete and irreversible. It changes her being, and will forever alter how she sees her world. This was done by her brother-in-law and she probably thinks it is ok. He will blame it on hormones.

What does the state say about this?

Statutory rape is defined by the Malaysian Penal Code as sex with a minor (under the age of consent…in Malaysia, 18). Punishment includes caning and a jail term up to 14 years.

Now the suspect arrested is the victim’s sister’s husband. In my book, he has failed both the “guardian” and the “responsible member of society” test. There is nothing preventing this guy from preying from other young girls, even if he has a wife.

I think it would be a major deterrent if he was just castrated.


2 thoughts on “A case for castration

  1. would castration work? i doubt it. the only lesson that i think that is worthwhile for such sickos is having them incarcerated for the longest period in some prison with hardcore criminals, and get raped in there.

  2. ah..equally bloodthirsty aren’t u? I was operating on the principle of deterrence. With a sentence like that, no matter how twisted a guy is, there’s that very real horrifying possibility that might stop him.

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