Foot in the Mouth epidemic

 Our misinformed Minister Zainudin Maidin has told newspapers not to quote websites and give the impression that there is credibility in their stories. 

Is there no end to the crap that has been spewing from this “never been” of a minister that no one likes and very few tolerate.

Here let’s go through The Star’s report.

He said most websites on the Internet were provocative and run either by those who were frustrated journalists or frustrated in politics. 

“Most” is a convenient escape clause mister. So if i say i’m not, you’ll just say “Saya tak kata semua” By the way, aren’t you sorry excuse for a journalist and a pathetic example of a politician as well? So you should know about “frustrations” eh? Even that verbal diarrhoea Badruddin Amiruldin has his comic timing as a claim to fame.

“Do not quote them because you are disgracing yourself as you are the authority. Do not give credit to such anarchist websites,” he said

You are telling newspapers what and when to do things? If things are newsworthy, they will pick it up and investigate. What anarchist websites? These are Malaysians just like you and me. Just a couple of days after we hear of Fu’s “friendly calls”, you had to jump in with your own statement. Yo Maidin…you are fast becoming an irrelevance, and your so un-funny attempts at making your presence felt always falls flat. You don’t know the meaning of irrelevant? Ask Augustine Paul.

Blogs and mainstream media can complement each other in the unearthing and dissemination of information. But then such an ideal marriage is a utopian concept your limited grey cells can’t grasp.

“If the Government can educate the newspapers to be responsible, it can also do the same to the websites by law or whatever way. 

Heheh…Mister Accidental Comic, FYI the government does not educate the newspapers. These publishing companies have several Swords of Damocles by way of the Printing Presses and Publications Act and the Internal Security Act, to name a few, hanging over them.

Just ask The Star and several newspapers that has “kena” in your lifetime.

You talk from the arse man!


6 thoughts on “Foot in the Mouth epidemic

  1. ah, he talks from his arse. i was wondering why shit comes out of this man whenever he opens his mouth! so it isn’t his mouth, after all..

  2. I understand he is too busy catching up on what really matters … perth, golf, fishing and … j…d…. to call for a state of emergency during the flood in Johor.

    But perhasp he shd this time. This foot in mouth epidermic is affecting his half past six ministers.

    We’d better or he’ll be left with tiga tiga suku … and khairy. 😦

  3. good blog you got. 😉 mek, gimme your email address, or do i already have your email address.

    i missss yoooouuu (and the rest that’s left there)

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