Do the right thing!!

The year was 1999. It was General Election in Malaysia. The second time I voted in my life. Managed to sneak off to vote for my candidates, even though it was helluva busy day. I vote back in my hometown in Negri Sembilan.It was a rather uneasy election.

With the Anwar fiasco of the previous year, the angry masses wanted to prove a point. There was a lot of gab, a lot of fiery posturing during the campaigning period.

Later that day when votes were counted, the ruling party candidate scraped through with barely 15-votes majority. That’s how close it came. That’s when this whole “every vote counts” philosophy became real for me. My single vote mattered.

So I vowed then to vote every time there’s an election. Those of you who bitch and moan about the state of things, spiraling cost of living, corruption, lack of accountability… everything that is wrong with the government, well here’s your chance.

Go visit your nearest Election Commission office and sign up as a voter by this Friday. That is if you wanna vote in the next General Elections. Make some effort people. It is your country!


So go out there people. The people must have a hand in deciding their political fate. It is a hallmark of democracy after all.


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