Woman…the beacon of life

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 The hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world. Never am I more conscious of the fact than when I see Amma. Her strength, resilience, stoic acceptance of something she can’t change, righteous anger with injustice all amazed me and still does.

 I was 12 when i stood head to head with her. Now, I have grown a full head taller while age and infirmity has shrunk her smaller than I remember. Still, she’s my amma. The reason why I am in this world.

Amma is the unifying factor in a fractious family that’s filled with a lot of love and anger and grief. Amma, whose birthday we never knew, always remembered ours. Amma, whose forgetfulness was a source of comic relief and much confusion, had lots on her small shoulders, but still manages a ringing laughter when something tickles her funny bone.

Whenever the family is in crisis, the one person still standing under all that battering, is her.

Amma, there can be no tribute to women, without you as the centrepiece.

As we celebrate the International Women’s Day, I would like to salute women around me who have loved, inspired, led, and lighted my path at different points of my life.

They are:

Auntie Malliga: cool mom. her ability to relate to others and at the same time retain so much of her integrity and faith is amazing.

Marsh Ooi: A friend, a tigress of a mother, a staunch ally, a loyal friend. I’m thankful to have her by my side, always lifting me up.

Bridget Menezes: A consummate lady whose every word speaks the language of peace.

Janet Lee: An inspiration to all whose life she touched, as much has her father and grandfather had been.She exudes love, peace and so much caring it is impossible to ignore. She’s my teacher.

Victoria Robertson: A picture of elegance and beauty, she is also study in articulate-ness (is there such a word) and most of all resilience and maturity.

Jeyanthi Kaliappan: A woman who will give her everything for those in need. A study in selflessness. My sister.

Dr Siti Hasmah Mohd Ali: Will we ever have such an elegant symbol of grace, quiet strength, intelligence and loyalty in our lifetime than Malaysia’s former First Lady?


2 thoughts on “Woman…the beacon of life

  1. I know this is really late, Anu.

    Hope you had a good celebration… hahaahhha…. we all did,and then TA had to make those remarks…

    Take care.

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