Remembering Maran

Dear Maran,

It has been almost four days since you left us without goodbye. But then, very few of us actually have that gift, to bid farewell to a loved one leaving the world. I’m at peace though, because I’ve always told you what you meant to me. There were little left to be spoken that we didn’t understand already.

Seeing you lying there was heart-wrenching, to say the least. And I have known you for less than two years. Tell me brother, how it would have felt to all those whose lives you have touched for many years. Only time will give us all solace.

Not a single person I spoke to who knew you, had a single negative thing to say about you. And I could tell they meant it. That’s how pure you were. Your corny jokes still haunts me, your jocular tone still rings in my ears. Your honesty and sincerity re-affirms my shaky belief in the goodness of my fellow humans.

Your last conversation a week ago, your enthusiasm when you told me of impending nuptials, your happiness, your sincerity when you told me you need a friend like me, will stay with me throughout my life.

You lifted me with your positiveness when I was down in the depths of despair. For that, and the gift of you, I am ever grateful to God.

Rest In Peace my friend. We will all miss you.


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