Jumbo Misery

Sometimes you wish you don’t have to wake up in the morning. Certainly not to see a horribly cruel sight like this.

Amid, a three-month-old baby elephant was, according to zookeepers at Malacca Zoo, probably separated from his mother. Rescued from a theme park where he was found tied up, this little jumbo is now in good hands, thank God!

He is on the mend alright, but this emaciated little elephant might take a year or more to be normal and healthy again. Kudos to those who do not think twice about rescuing and healing an animal,we certainly need more of them.

It could have been the fast currents during the December floods in Johor that separated Amid from his mom. The toll that the unprecedented floods people’s lives, livelihood and damage to property was widely chronicled, yet here was the untold story of how  disasters (natural or man-induced) could have devastating impact on our natural surroundings.

It is is quite common in developing nations to see more emphasis given to material development, often at the expense of the environment and natural habitat. Yet, Malaysia is doing better economically than some of its neighbours, isn’t it?

What was the elephant doing at a theme park? Was there any action taken against the theme park for harbouring a protected animal? Do they have licence?

Doesn’t the Malaysian Wildlife Protection Act 1972 provide for mandatory jail sentence for cruel treatment of animals? The Star article does not name the theme park involved, but it did indicate that Amid was rescued a month ago. The perps must not go scot-free. This is unconscionable!


One thought on “Jumbo Misery

  1. hi galadriel,

    just to drop by and say hello.
    on amid — it never ends this cruelty to wildlife, or domestic animals for that matter.
    i am so p.ssed when i read or hear about it.
    i so sickens me.

    anyway…. keep on blogging, sista….

    hope to see u sometime at the NPC or mee rebus? Or Denmark House?

    take care…

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