Afterglow…and aftermath

Sometimes, the sun comes into a life and shines its brilliant rays into all the nooks and corners. Even  the murky depths gets some light. And then, all too swiftly, black clouds of the past gathers and obscures the sunshine.

In that brief burst of light, understanding dawned. The accumulation of sins from the past exacted its ultimate price today. I mourn for the passing of the sunshine…probably one of the purest things I have seen.

The brief luminous glimpse has changed my life for good. I set forward, knowing nothing will be the same again.

I keep my fingers crossed hoping, praying…..that sunshine comes again to cast its unforgetable luminosity on this earth. Prayers were answered yesterday. And I know it will again. One has to lance a boil, to heal again. To seek forgiveness, to live again.

Sunshine….I live in the afterglow you left behind. Catch my dreams sometime.


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