Happy Birthday

 Blogger’s Unite

Bloggers United is one month old. The movement kickstarted by a series of events, and Susan Loone and Sheih, is now a presence that unites a group of Bloggerratis that care about Malaysia. Here’s to a better year and more meaningful presence.



Perhaps I forgot to mention the “series of events” that started the Bloggers United tidal wave, that also spurred me to get off my ass and blog actively. The lawsuits…my dear readers, against Rocky and Jeff, were the trigger that set of a chain reaction that I fervently hope, will start a movement to make Malaysia a better place for its citizens.

 Rocky goes to court again this Thursday, Feb 22, 2007. Good luck to you bro! Let’s hope truth doesn’t get compromised by legalese. If the plaintiffs have to resort to technical details to prevail in this case, God help Malaysia.


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