Touchy Israelis…

Read this. Doesn’t the bile just rise when you watch people being silenced from offering opinions. This too was an internal memo. It never was intended for publication and it does represent what a lot of people; analysts, scholars, Middle East experts and the global public think about Israeli aggression and the Palestinians’ reprisals.

 I’m never anti-semitic, but the backlash against Jeremy Bowen for speaking the truth makes me puke.


2 thoughts on “Touchy Israelis…

  1. Incredible that we cannot be anti Semitics , but we are allowed to be anti-islamic. what strikes me as the most hylarious bit here is that great part of the worlds posture on this is based on public opinion formed in great part by the bbc itself! Does anyone else ever get tired of spinning all the time and always staying in the same place?

  2. Ah..glad someone else thinks so. Islam has had bad press for so long, after all, the Arabs were a warrior race. The Israelis have a powerful lobby, and for a long time a subtle one also. Hence, IMHO, this flak against Bowen.

    I still am no Anti Semite, but its been too long since the Holocaust and Israel has inflicted its share of atrocities as well. The rest of the world is not blind, even if successive American administration is.

    I believe today’s ills in the Middle East dates back effectively to the Balfour Declaration.

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