Justice denied…

Justice delayed is justice denied. Shoddy investigation and and lack of procedural order also apparently contributes to denial of justice, according to a pissed-off High Court Justice V.T Singham.  The judge is justifiably disgusted and ruled in the only way that adherence to the letter of the law allowed him, in the murder trial of Mohd Hosni Fazli Mohd Amin.  

Here’s an excerpt from The Star,

 Police investigations into the murder of engineering student Mohd Hosni Fadzli Mohd Amin were “questionable and the clumsiest ever,” a High Court Judge here remarked. 

In acquitting six men, including the son of a former mayor, of murdering Mohd Hosni, Justice V.T. Singham said investigations into the case were carried out in a very unsatisfactory and irresponsible manner, leaving the court with no choice but to discharge all the accused.

  Among the six men was 27-year-old Azman Ismail @ Man Datuk, a son of former mayor Datuk Ismail Shah Bodin.  Four others were Mohd Hafiz Ibrahim @ Tony, 22; Mohd Shafiq Azren Mohd Salleh @ Boy TC, 23; Mohd Faizal Radzali @ Jambu, 25; and Mohamad Rizal Abu Hassan @ Adik, 22. 

The sixth accused, Mohd Nizam Ariffin @ Tok Mat Kren, 22, was not arrested.  They were charged with committing the offence at the Ikhwan Auto workshop in the Kinta Light Industrial Area here on Dec 22, 2003.

So what now? Did the police and the prosecutors screw up? What happened to procedures? Does nobody do an honest day’s work anymore in the law and order sector?

Why tie the judge’s hands like that? This is not the first time an accused goes free without even being called to defence, because of shoddy investigation or prosecutors’ ineptitude.

Simple logic. Flawed investigation+moron prosecutors = No Case.

Meanwhile, Man Datuk and gang walks free. So did he or did he not (with his posse) do it? We don’t know, and looks like we might never know.

IGP Datuk Musa Hassan threw a sinister angle on the whole story with his statement here. He’s pissed off too, judging by his statement to the media. The Star carried this today.

 So Christopher Wan investigates. And then what happens? When all the accused were discharged, did it amount to acquittal too? If it did, what good would fresh evidence do? Should/Can a guy be tried twice?


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