Spoke too soon..

Bloggers Unite 

 Alas it was premature…When I said in my previous post about Kickdefella’s persecution. Yesterday Jeff and Rocky both were notified of legal action by newspaper group NST. Read the story here

 This is a harbinger of , if not doom, then maybe more “interesting times” for blogosphere and Netizens. There is a price on truth as we can all see. I hope those bloggers will survive this. Both are not strangers to controversy and blogging as themselves, they showed the guts that many, including this blogger didn’t demonstrate.

But recent turn of events have shown why lots of bloggers choose to remain anonymous. Aisehman for example. Though he writes some insightful stuff. I understand the reasons why he and others chose to remain incognito. The threat is always there. Ask Kickdefella. Not to mention RPK of Malaysia Today,Kadir Jasin and many others.

All bloggers are equal, but some are indeed more equal than others…..sorry Napoleon the Pig, and Orwell, for bastardising your quote.

As for all those insecure people out there…Oink! to you.

To my fellow bloggers, remember that you are responsible for what you write. Be careful what you write and be prepared to substantiate your opinions. Truth often walks a lonely path.

But I’m with you fearless voices out there. Bloggers Unite !

“The truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end; there it is.” – Winston Churchill


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