Petaling Street

Kuala Lumpur’s own Chinatown revolves around Petaling Street. A bargain hunter’s paradise as well as “Pirate Central”, the shops and stalls in this area offer a plethora of different things, from t-shirts to figurines to trinkets. I took a walk in this busy pedestrian thoroughfare armed with my trusty Sony Cybershot and went trigger-happy, with largely happy results.


In the manic bustle of the Petaling Street, a monk with a serene countenance puts his palms together in a gesture that is both a greeting and a prayer. In the background, a youngster chuckles to himself as he looks at something. The two curiously contrasting expressions attracted me.


At the entrance to a Chinese Temple nearby, curling joss sticks are lighted in offering to the gods. The smoky atmosphere could not mask the sweet and spicy fragrance that wafted to out gently.


Anyone can make a living in Petaling Street. Just ask this disabled beggar. He sits with his cup in the middle of the road, hopeful grin on his face. He lives on the goodwill of the public…and the Malaysian public indeed is kind…many dropped coins and ringgit notes into his paper cup.

orang apple

Fruits are always photogenic, and the fruit stall guy adds to the illusion of freshness by spraying water on his spread of oranges and apples.


Ah…local fruits. A solitary mangosteen amidst a bed of neatly stacked mangoes. Mangoes are often many people’s favourites, but mangosteen offers a special sweet, sour, tangy experience. Good enough an experience to tolerate the purple stains in my hands.


Cherry cheri? How can you resist this succulent inviting little gems.


Lycheeeeeeeeeee.  The outside looks invitingly red. The inside very much lives up to the promise.


 While you’re at it, buy your favourite country’s footbal jersey. There’s many many many to choose from…

And this is just a tiny fraction of the sights and sounds of this bustling place


3 thoughts on “Petaling Street

  1. Once again nice pic of Monks and the guy. If you had used a SLR cam with manual focus (instead of auto ), I am sure you would have had the pic of Monk in the foucs and guy in the back ground, unless you wanted this way!

    *lol* “The outside looks invitingly red. The inside very much lives up to the promise.”

  2. Dear Drifter,

    I wanted it that way. Cos the monk was already dominating the foreground. Wanted to bring the young man into focus. Just wished i did it the other way too, now that you say it.

    Where r u from? Have u had a lychee before? If u haven’t, it certainly lives up to promise, even if my description sounds like innuendo.

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