They flutter by…

Indulging  a whimsy, I drove over to the Butterfly Park one day. Parking was easy and….the afternoon sunny enough to give good natural light despite it being a shady, leafy enclave that I was entering.


This pretty one I found on the sidewalk many joggers used. It flutters away, but comes back often enough for me to get this shot.


Odd one out, or rather, a bonus. Capturing a dragonfly on camera is not easy. Firstly, they are tiny…and then wings are translucent….and they move away so fast….


This one above reminds me of a flower, indeed i mistook it as a flower at first. Good camouflage. One learns lessons from the so-called lesser creatures on how to blend in.

Light as feather, these multi-hued insects flit all over the little landscaped garden. I spied the Rajah Brooke…but it never stopped long enough for me to get a nice shot. Despite that, I managed to get quite a few pretty close ups. 

My usually shaky hands stayed steady that afternoon, much to my utter delight. Here’s some more evidence of the pleasant afternoon amongst lovely butterflies.


 This one lingered on the sidewalk.


Another Camouflage master, this one.


2 thoughts on “They flutter by…

  1. Buddy! you have a sense of photography, now you need some good SLR cam with 18-70 or something upto 300 ot 600 mm lense.

  2. Thanks Mr Drifter. Appreciate the comment. Impetus indeed for me to improve. Economic situation doesn’t permit an investment in SLR yet, but I certainly will buy it someday soon.

    For amateur to hear this is certainly very encouraging. Wish we cud exchange info.

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