Nocturnal prowlings

Petronas Twin Towers

Ah…what a ghostly effect the mist casts. Captured this picture from Jalan P.Ramlee one night many months ago, during a unplanned drive through the city after dinner. The camera does present new ways of seeing things…and i’m in looooooove with it. More than a year after purchase, the love affair still goes on.

Work (@*&%#$*&)  makes it impossible to indulge more often in these kind of prowlings, but it does give you more time to upload, resize yadda yadda yadda…*wink*. I’m including more nocturnal pictures. Just to prove that shooting with little available can be really fun…and the results…delightful. Bridge

 The bridge in Putrajaya at 3am. Plenty of nice subjects you can find in Putrajaya even if a lot of people tell you it is dead after office hours.


The moon hovers and lends some light to the surrounding clouds above this architecturally-impressive building. Took his pic lying down in the middle of the road. Traffic? Nada. Mat Rempit pun takda…

 Bird’s Nest

One night, at the place I stay, I took a walk around the poolside. Captured this beautiful shot…kinda fantasylike the image it conjures.


Ah…Public Bank Building in city centre. I always thought it was nice to look at but the colours bores you after a time. That was daytime thought. Cunning lighting work makes this building a brilliant sight at night. A memorable night landmark of Kuala Lumpur.


4 thoughts on “Nocturnal prowlings

  1. I am really impressed with the pics. Specially when it is taken by a point-and-shoot (isnt cybershot a point&shoot cam??). I have some tech. know-how of the photography, so when I say it is nice.. it is nice!

    PS: next time you lie down on your back, make sure you have something soft/comfy 🙂

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